How to password protect your notion pages

Discover the simple way to add password protection to your Notion pages.

Apr 24, 2024
How to password protect your notion pages
Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your sensitive information? Do you wish there was a simple yet effective way to enhance the security of your Notion workspace?
Well, your search ends here with This offers a seamless solution to protect your confidential data, ensuring only authorized users have access.
In this guide, we'll show you an easy way to protect your Notion pages with passwords using This will helps keep your information safe online.

A Short Overview of serves as a versatile Notion website builder, bridging the gap between your Notion content and your audience. This helps you make awesome websites easily, focusing on your content first.
Whether you're envisioning a sleek professional site, a comprehensive knowledge base, or a dynamic blog, Bullet has you covered. One of Bullet's key features is its capability to transform Notion pages into password-protected websites or membership sites.
Through Bullet, you can gate your content in three distinct ways:
  • Email Verification Access - allows your users to view your content after signing up into your website using their email address
  • Segment-Specific Content Restriction - allows you to restrict access to content based on specific user segments.
  • Password Protection - allows to protect your website or page by using password
Password protection option will be the great choice for your site to protect your information. This allows for granular control over what requires a password.

How to password protect your Notion page

Setting up a password for your Notion page is a simple process. Whether you aim to secure your website with a password or transform it into a membership site, adhere to the steps outlined below:
  • Firstly, create a Bullet account and connect it to your Notion workspace. If you're new to build website, learn how to build a website using Bullet.
  • Once your notion page got linked with bullet, hover to the bullet dashboard and click on “Membership and Lock pages” under “settings”.
notion image
  • Now, enable “Content gating and memberships”.
notion image
  • Here, we’ll go with locking the pages with password. To do so, after enabling content gating and memberships, input your preferred password in the "Website Password" field and then click on "Save”.
notion image
  • Go to the “Pages” section in the Bullet dashboard and choose the particular page you want to lock. Then, click on the “Lock” option located in the upper right corner of the page.
notion image
  • This will open the “Membership Settings” in the left panel.
notion image
  • Select “Password Protected” from the dropdown menu, and then click “save”
notion image
  • And don’t forget to click “Publish” to make it visible on your site.
notion image
That’s it! Your site is now password protected and your users are required to enter it in order to access your website or page.


In conclusion, Bullet offers a simple and effective solution for password protecting your Notion pages, enhancing the security of your sensitive information.
By following the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, you can easily implement password protection within your Notion workspace, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access.
Whether you're managing personal notes or confidential projects, provides a seamless way to ensure privacy and control over who can view your content.
Embracing this feature empowers you to utilize Notion to its fullest potential while maintaining peace of mind regarding the security of your information.
Start protecting your notion pages effortlessly with Bullet’s password protection feature! Get Started for free !