Bullet vs Helpkit


Bullet.so: Here to help you with more than help pages!

Build beyond just a knowledge base. Duplicate. Customize. Publish. Rank.
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HelpKit making things complicated by providing knowledge base solutions and not website solutions

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Using Notion to simplify the maintenance of knowledge base


Why only knowledge base when you can build your entire website using Notion?

Although HelpKit offers what it says, Bullet.so is 100X better right from it’s features, usability and pricing. Build an entire website (including knowledge base) within minutes from Notion and Zapier Integration.


Doesn’t support all Notion elements

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HelpKit doesn’t transform all your Notion elements into a beautiful element for your website. It doesn’t even support Notion database.

100% utilization of Notion elements

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Bullet turns all the Notion components into a beautiful element for your website. You can create a multi-layered pages using just Notion database.

$372/ year: Limited articles

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Pay $372/ year for just 100 articles! No flexibility, No scalability!

$89/year: Unlimited articles

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Pay $89/ year for unlimited pages. Scale it up at no extra cost as you grow!

Try Bullet for free

Choose Bullet.so over Helpkit if

  • Bullet seamlessly integrates with over 6000 apps via Zapier and also facilitates custom API connections.
  • You want to expand to complete site, rather than just stuck with just knowledge base.
  • You don’t want to spend $468/ year for limited articles
  • You dont want to limit yourself with 25 articles
  • You want to extend your website with roadmap, directory, landing page etc.

You need a beautiful website too, not just a knowledge base!

Scale it up
Scale it up
Your website represents your product- keep scaling it up with blogs, knowledge base and your own plugins with Bullet.
Perfectly reflets your brand
Perfectly reflets your brand
Customize every inch at ease. From feature blocks to social proof- your brand with your touch and not just a pre-built template
Notion to website
Notion to website
Paste your Notion url and hit publish to create a webpage. No jumping through hoops during onboarding and adapting.

Bullet vs Helpkit: Why is Bullet a better choice?

Suitable for
Individuals, Startups and Enterprises
Knowledge base page
Custom API
Content Gating
$89/ year
$372/ year
RSS feed
Content lives in Notion
We like to complicate :)
Nope, just knowledge base
Limited articles
Professional websites
As we said, NO
Supports Notion Formula 2.0

Try Bullet for free


The fact that Bullet opens infinite possibilities instead of shutting you down with limitations!


Create fully functioning websites

While HelpKit is more suitable for just knowledge bases, Bullet offers solutions for all categories of users, from creators and influencers to startups and enterprises

$89/ year

With the lowest pricing of $89/ lifetime, you get to have a professional website, support from Bullet and all the future upgrades.

Custom API Integration

Craft solutions customized to your exact needs, streamlining your workload and preserving valuable time and resources.

Extendable: Freelancers- Startups- Enterprise

With HelpKit, you can only create a knowledge base and nothing more. With Bullet, you can create everything you need for your business needs(including knowledge base). Bullet has pre-made templates for ecommerce, personal website, portfolio, resume, blog, roadmap, changelog and much more!

Zapier Integration

With Zapier's vast array of possibilities and connectivity to 6000 apps, you can streamline your tasks and enhance productivity, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Content lives in Notion

It isn’t a Notion-based tool if you have to go back and forth between HelpKit’s dashboard and Notion to edit, configure and then publish. With Bullet, you have all your content in Notion, just hit publish from our dashboard. No need to worry about giving access to every writer or editor.

Why should you choose Bullet as your website builder?


Professional websites for all

Include everything that makes a professional website at 0 extra cost. Write blogs for better reach, include a knowledge base, add social proof and make it a place for your target audience. Also, Bullet doesn’t have a limitation on the number of articles like HelpKit.

Easier, faster and just better

What’s more easier than maintaining your website right at Notion? Not having to worry about access issues, faster publishing time and a more beautiful looking site. Bullet does it all. Paste the link of your Notion and enjoy your website without worrying about a line of code.

Ecommerce? Knowledge base? Blogging?

Bullet offer a variety of features for you to create your own website for any business needs. Bullet offers templates to all kinds of businesses right from ecommerce and knowledge bases to blogs and landing pages.

Basic-Intermediate- Advanced

Unlike Helpkit, Bullet offers features and functionality for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out with an MVP or you're ready to launch, or even years after that, you can rely on Bullet for all your website needs, not just /help pages!