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Publish your blog in 3 simple steps
Bullet makes website creation as simple as 1, 2, 3, and done. You do not need to know how to code.
Choose a pre-built blog template that suits your brand and duplicate it into your Notion page
Write your content and completely customize your blog with images, meta description, author etc.
Copy the url of your Notion page and paste it in Bullet’s dashboard and hit “Publish”. Your blog goes live!

Duplicate a Blog template

Did you say blog? We got you covered
It's super simple to use Bullet for blogs, just pick a template, add content, update SEO information, press publish and you are live.
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Beautiful blogs, without all the hassle

  • Bring your blogs to life with exceptional and reader friendly layouts. No boring notion pages for your readers.
  • Add your branded touch to every font, color, and element on the page. No limits on what you can achieve with notion.

All-in-Notion, no more juggling

  • Is there a better place for collaboration than Notion? Get all your writers and editors on the same page, like literally.
  • The notion mobile app for iOS and Android gives you full control of your blog. No matter where you are.
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SEO simplified, just write and rank

  • All the geeky stuff with SEO is gone. With Bullet, your blog is already optimized for the highest scores on Google.
  • RSS feed, automatic sitemaps, auto indexing, custom titles and descriptions to help get your blog to the top

Your blog your way to showcase it

  • Host your blog on your domain, subdomain or subdirectory. Connect it to your website the way you prefer.
  • Get unlimited bandwidth, automated SSL and unlimited pageviews. No strings attached.
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Start building your blog with our pre-made templates below.
Pick and replicate a template, update content, press publish.

Notion page to blog within minutes!

Create your blog, start writing and publish effortlessly


01 How is Bullet different from the other blogging platforms?
Anyone can create a blog that ranks within minutes! That almost sums up everything. Bullet is for anyone who wants to own a blog. You don’t have to worry about pagespeed insights, lighthouse scores etc. that make you rank higher. Did we mention that we have SEO optimized templates?
02 Does the blog look like a Notion page?
Nope! Your blog will reflect your brand. After adding your content on Notion, you can choose the theme of your blog from our gallery and your blog website will look as professional as a fully-coded website. In fact, more optimized and easier to manage.
03 Can I build my blog website without coding
Yep! With pre-built templates and themes you can customize your blog with absolutely no code. You can add your CTAs, navigation bar, images, forms, animations and everything you need for a professional blog.