Bullet - Best super.so alternative


Bullet.so - a superior Super.so alternative

Bullet has memberships, content gating, sub-directory hosting, native blogs and much more.
super.so alternatives
super.so alternatives
Super.so alternative
Super.so alternative

Using super.so makes the process as complicated as a usual website builder

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Bullet uses Notion to eliminate the complex web development process

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Bullet offers More for Less!

Suitable for
Individuals, Startups and Enterprises
Hobby projects
$89/ year
$264/ year
Content Gating
Sub-directory hosting (/blog or /docs path)
Native Analytics
Advanced search in basic plan
❌ You pay premium price
Native Blog built ground-up for performance
Content lives in Notion
❌. Must go to Super dashboard to edit metadata, urls, etc.
Multi-column footer
Automatic RSS feeds
301 Redirects within site
Ads.txt support
Programmatic SEO
Edit robots.txt
Custom 404 page
Notion page icon as favicon
Knowledge base widgets

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With its futuristic features, Bullet is the best alternative to super.so


Hobby sites

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With super.so, you can build hobby projects, many missing features for a professional site.

Content lives in Notion and super.so dashboard

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Half of your content lives in Notion and the rest lives in Super so dashboard making it difficult for users to maintain and edit the website content regularly.

One page at a time!

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You can’t publish multiple pages at once with Super.so. Projects like programmatic SEO, knowledge base and directory websites will take months without this feature.

Professional sites

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With Bullet, you can transform each Notion page into a professional website .

Content lives only in Notion

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Your entire content lives in Notion and you have to switch to Bullet dashboard only to hit publish. You can add, edit and maintain content wholly from Notion.

Publish 100+ pages

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You can literally publish 100+ pages at once with the liquid syntax feature by Bullet. Does it take weeks? No, it barely takes hours.

Choose Bullet.so over Super.so if

  • You want to create professional site, rather than hobby site
  • You want basic features like advanced search and manual publish in a starter plan.
  • You want 301 Redirects, Auto generated OG images, RSS Feeds that are crucial for SEO
  • You don’t want to spend $264/ year for a hobby site
  • There is no other super.so alternative that is better.

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Scale it up
Scale it up
Your website represents your product- keep scaling it up with blogs, knowledge base and your own plugins with Bullet.
Perfectly reflets your brand
Perfectly reflets your brand
Customize every inch at ease. From feature blocks to social proof- your brand with your touch and not just a pre-built template
Notion to website
Notion to website
Paste your Notion url and hit publish to create a webpage. No jumping through hoops during onboarding and adapting.

Why is Bullet a better super.so alternative?

It’s all about maintaining simplicity!

$89/ year for professional sites?


Create sites that help your business

While Super.so is more suitable for hobby projects and temporary websites, Bullet offers solutions for all categories of users, from creators and influencers to startups and enterprises. It simply is great super.so alternative for everyone.

$89/ year

With the lowest pricing of $89/year, you get to have a professional website, support from Bullet and all the future upgrades. All the necessary features required for everyone are in our basic plan itself.

Programatic SEO

Liquid syntax is a new way of developing websites in Notion - using database properties within body and adding custom HTML wherever you like. Simply insert any database properties between the website body using a tag. This is replaced by database properties of the tag and publishes 100+ pages at once.

Content lives in Notion

When you are using Super, its not easy to write blogs in Notion and publish it, because you have to go to Super.so dashboard to edit Meta title, Description and other page settings, Bullet allows you to manage everything in Notion directly, no more switching back and forth between Notion and Bullet dashboard.


Why should you choose Bullet as your Notion website builder?


Professional websites for all

Include everything that makes a professional website at 0 extra cost. Write blogs for better reach, include a knowledge base, add social proof and make it a place for your target audience.

Easier, faster and just better

What’s more easier than maintaining your website right at Notion? Not having to worry about access issues, faster publishing time and a more beautiful looking site. Bullet does it all.

Ecommerce? Pre-launch page? Blogging?

Bullet offer a variety of features for you to create your own website for any business needs. Bullet offers templates to all kinds of businesses right from ecommerce and knowledge bases to blogs and landing pages.

Basic-Intermediate- Advanced

Unlike Super.so, Bullet offers features and functionality for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out with an MVP or you're ready to launch, or even years after that, you can rely on Bullet for all your website needs.