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Breaking the Myth: Notion based tools aren’t good in SEO

Truth: takes care of everything related to on-page SEO

All you need to do is write in Notion. Every minor thing is taken care by Bullet w.r.t SEO.

Super fast loading speeds

  • 90+ page speed score with zero optimization
  • Cached across 275+ data-centers for reduced latency
notion image
notion image

Automatic sitemaps and RSS Feeds

  • Auto-generate sitemap when you add new page in Notion.
  • Auto generate RSS feeds

Meta-data management from Notion database

  • Simply maintain meta title and description from Notion.
  • No plugins or configs necessary
notion image

Add image alt tags from Notion caption

  • Simply add alt tags by adding text as image caption in Notion
  • No fancy plugins

Auto compress images and render multiple formats

  • Simply upload images in Notion
  • Bullet converts to AVIF, webp and resizes in 5 different sizes
  • Delivers right image based on screen-size & devices
notion image
notion image

Auto populate JSON-LD schema

  • Auto-generate structured schema in Google’s mother tongue
  • Get placed in Rich Snippets effortlessly

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