27 best notion tools to super charge your workflows

Boost your workflow with 27 top-notch Notion tools, transforming how you work and organize for ultimate productivity.

Dec 1, 2023
27 best notion tools to super charge your workflows
Hey there, productivity enthusiast! Looking to take your Notion game to the next level? We've got something special for you – a handpicked collection of 27 Best Notion Tools that are about to become your new work BFFs!
FYI In 2023, more than 94,668 companies worldwide have adopted Notion as their reporting tool.
Whether you're a student, a pro, or just really into Notion, this is where the magic happens. Get ready to check out some awesome Notion tools that will totally shake up how you do things, making your Notion even cooler.
Let's jump in and discover how these tools can take your Notion experience to a whole new level!

The best notion tools to increase your productivity

Notion is a powerful all-in-one workspace that can be used for a variety of tasks, including note-taking, project management, and personal organization. However, Notion can be even more powerful with the help of its tools and widgets.
Here are 27 Notion tools to help you supercharge your productivity and creativity.

1. Apption : Find & learn notion friendly embeddable widgets

Apption is a cool platform hosting over 90 Notion widgets all in one place! They've got everything sorted into different categories, like widgets for students, boosting productivity, and much more for an organized experience.
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2. Indify : Level up your Notion docs with widgets

Need some gorgeous Notion widgets to spruce up your workspace? Check out Indify – they've got loads of customizable ones that are a breeze to set up. Plus, the famous Google Calendar widget and other cool-looking options are all right there!
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3. Notion Charts : Generate embeddable charts-beautifully optimized for Notion

Turn your data into awesome charts using Notion Charts. Choose from 9 cool chart types like pie, bar, line, and more. Get creative with filtering, sorting, grouping, and a dark mode for that extra flair!
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4. Zorbi: Notion tool for efficient studying

Zorbi simplifies studying by presenting flashcards precisely when you need them. It's free, scientifically supported, and compatible with all devices.
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5. Notionlytics: Detailed analytics for Notion

Notionlytics is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Notion workspace. It is a valuable tool for any Notion user who wants to improve their page performance and engagement with their visitors. It helps you see who views your Notion pages, when they do it, and more.
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6. Chilipepper : Forms for Notion

Chilipepper lets you whip up some awesome forms right in your Notion pages. They're super easy to use and customizable, perfect for gathering all sorts of info like contacts, feedback, and registrations.
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7. WidgetBox: Customize widgets for your Notion pages

With WidgetBox, you can craft your own Notion Widgets that match your template vibe. Customize cool widgets like Weather, Clocks, Calendar, Progress Bar, Buttons, Reactions, and more for your Notion pages.
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8. Wunderpresentation : Autopilot for presentations

Wunderpresentation, the Notion tool that turns your text into stunning presentation slides without the hassle of spending hours on formatting and design. No more stress – just convert any Notion document effortlessly.
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9. Actions: Embeddable Notion widgets in 1 minute

Actions, a nifty tool to level up your Notion pages! It brings in cool call-to-action buttons and 45+ widgets, making your pages way more interactive, useful, and eye-catching.
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10. Custom Blocks : Supercharge Notion with your creativity

Get creative with your Notion space by crafting your very own special block using custom blocks. Link databases and pages to make cool widgets, then easily drop them into your Notion setup!
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11. Tally : Notion tool for forms

Tally is like the easiest form wizard out there! Make forms for anything in just seconds—no coding needed, and it's totally free. It is great suitable for businesses, creators, and even personal stuff.
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12. Instapost : Post directly to Instagram from Notion

Instapost lets you post on Instagram straight from Notion, with a cool scheduling feature for hassle-free planning. It's your all-in-one solution for easy and automated post publishing!
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13. Notion2Sheets : Unlock the power of Google Sheets

Sync up your Notion databases with Google Sheets effortlessly with Notion2Sheets. This allows you to send data with Sheets formulas, sync sheets to tables, and link cells to Notion blocks for dynamic dashboards – effortlessly easy!
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14. NotionMetrics : Your most important metrics, live in Notion pages

NotionMetrics – it puts all your key stats right in your Notion pages! It links up with stuff like Stripe, Google Analytics, and your Notion databases, giving you live insights for your business or projects.
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15. Notion Automations : All-in-one Workspace

Sync your meeting notes with Notion automation, linking seamlessly with your calendar and tools like Todoist, Emails, and Contacts. Turn Notion into your all-in-one workspace with easy plug-and-play automations!
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16. Notion Backups : Easy backup and restore your Notion data

Notion Backups it's your sidekick for automatically saving your Notion stuff in a super-safe cloud. It allows you to schedule backups, restore your data to any point in time, and grab your data from anywhere!
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17. Noto Links : URL shortener for Notion

Noto Links – the cool URL makeover for Notion! It shortens those long URLs and makes them look way better and beautiful for notion.
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18. Save To Notion : Save the Web to Notion

Save to Notion tool—it's your go-to for saving web pages, articles, and more directly to your Notion workspace. Plus, it's not just for the web – you can also save social media content right to your Notion account.
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19. ThreadNotes - Manage Twitter from Notion

ThreadNotes is the secret sauce for managing and tracking your Twitter threads in Notion. Save, organize, and even add comments effortlessly. It's a game-changer for boosting your Twitter engagement and gaining valuable insights.
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20. Blocs : Notion widgets for habit tracking

Blocs, the Notion app that amps up your productivity game! It's helps you to build better habits, staying organized, and tracking your progress hassle-free. With Blocs, you'll add a extra motivation and organization to your Notion space.
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Notion Website Builders

Do you know you can turn your Notion pages into a slick website with user-friendly Notion website builders! No web design skills needed – if you can make a Notion doc, you can build a website. Plus, there are tons of Notion Website examples are there in web that showcasing the portfolio, resume, business, and more!

21. Bullet.so

Bullet makes building a Notion-based website a breeze—no coding skills needed. It's user-friendly, supports Programatic SEO, simplifies technical SEO, Provides free SSL, gives unlimited bandwidth, and can add a custom domain making it great for newbies.
Bullet is feature packed as it supports custom code and lets you host in subdirectories. So It's perfect for a professional to build complex things.
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22. Potion

Potion is a cool Notion website builder for crafting personal or professional sites. With handy templates, custom domains, SSL, and SEO features, Potion makes website creation a breeze. It's a straightforward choice for launching your site.
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23. Simple.ink

Simple.ink lets anyone wanting an online presence without coding. You get custom domains, SSL, and templates, plus an easy interface. While the free plan has some limits, it's a great way to kick off publishing your Notion pages!
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24. Feather

Feather, the easy-breezy Notion blog builder. No coding needed – set up and manage your blog effortlessly. Your Notion edits sync directly to your website, and Feather supports merged tags for multi-author blogs.
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25. Notaku

Notaku – the easy way to build blogs, websites, and more using Notion. Perfect for bloggers or startups, it's a user-friendly platform with drag-and-drop simplicity although the cost is on the higher side.
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26. Helpkit

Helpkit – an awesome Notion website builder catered to host knowledge bases. You can craft a sleek help center or documentation site without any tech fuss. But the cost is on the higher side.
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27. Super

Super – the Notion website builder for easy, code-free site creation. Your Notion content is your site content, with instant updates. It gives custom domains, SSL, SEO, templates, and even throw in some custom code.
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In conclusion, these top Notion tools serve as powerful catalysts to supercharge your workflows. From enhancing productivity to streamlining organization, each tool offers a unique advantage, empowering you to unlock the full potential of Notion and revolutionize your work processes.
Explore, implement, and watch as your efficiency soars to new heights with these indispensable additions to your Notion toolkit