The top notion creators to help you do more

Explore a curated list of top creators, each offering unique templates and insights to optimize your Notion experience.

Dec 1, 2023
The top notion creators to help you do more
Now, Notion can be a bit like a maze at first, but don't stress! That's where the cool Notion creators step in. These are the individuals who make Notion a walk in the park with their nifty templates and guides. No matter who you are, Students drowning in assignments, freelancers juggling clients, or business rockstars – they've got your back.
So, let's jump into the world of Notion creators and discover the ones who'll be your productivity wingmen!
The best notion creators are those who have consistently produced high-quality templates and tutorials that have helped millions of people use Notion more effectively. They are passionate about Notion and are always looking for new ways to use it to solve problems and make people's lives easier.
Here are the top Notion creators who can help you do more!

1. Easlo

Twitter: heyeaslo
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Easlo, the Notion Guy, specializes in no-code solutions, offering flexible templates for enhanced life structuring and work efficiency. Easlo provides a range of impressive Notion templates like Resume template, Second Brain Template, Finance Tracker, Habit Tracker and more.

2. Thomas Frank

Twitter: TomFrankly
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Thomas Frank, a certified Notion expert, empowers users with tailored templates and comprehensive guides, enhancing productivity. Thomas offers accessible Notion templates, including Ultimate Brain, YouTuber's Companion, & more for YouTuber’s for effective organization and goal achievement.

3. Atul | Notion4Creators

Twitter: AtulACleaver
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Atul Anand, a certified Notion expert and content creator, has crafted diverse templates such as Content Creation Hub, SMART Goals Tracker, Smart Finance Tracker, Product Launch Manager, Notion Life Dashboard 2.0, and Reflection Journals (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).

4. Ali Abdaal Notion Creator

Twitter: aliabdaal
Notion: aliabdaal
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Ali Abdaal showcases the remarkable potential of Notion in elevating productivity and nurturing creativity. Through adept utilization of Notion's features like note-taking, task management, and website creation, Ali has constructed a holistic system that enriches his workflow, stimulates creativity, and adeptly organizes aspects of his personal and professional life.

5. Pascio

Twitter: iampascio
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Pascio, is a renowned Notion template creator who has built an impressive portfolio of over 50 templates for various purposes. He is an official Notion ambassador, consultant & creator. His templates are highly regarded for their versatility, ease of use, and ability to enhance productivity.

6. Notionway

Twitter: notionway
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Notionway is a Notion template creator and YouTuber founded by Modest Mitkus. Notionway's templates are known for their high quality and attention to detail. They are also very easy to use, even for beginners. Notionway also offers a variety of free to suit different needs.

7. Severin Schuetz

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Severin Schuetz is a passionate custom Notion template creator for a stress-free and organized daily life. Some of the popular template created by Severin Schuetz are Life Vision - Goal Tracker, Life OS v2.0 alive, and many more to increase their daily productivity.

8. Solt Wagner

Twitter: soltwagner
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Solt Wagner is a creative director and Notion template creator with over 15 years of experience in digital and brand design. He has helped freelancers, business owners, and individuals organize their work, manage their projects, and enhance their overall productivity using Notion templates.

9. Cajun Koi Academy

Twitter: cajunkoi
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Cajun Koi Academy was started by two brothers Mike and Matty who called as former medical doctors turned YouTubers. Cajun Koi Academy is mainly created to empower individuals by teaching and developing productivity skills. The academy covers topics such as: Self-development, Productivity, Habits, Studying.

10. Stefanos Karakasis

Twitter: skarakasis
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Stefanos Karakasis, a seasoned Notion expert, excels in crafting templates tailored to enhance productivity for product marketers and Go-to-Market (GTM) practitioners. His collection includes diverse templates like the Product Marketing Beta Launch Notion Template and the Notion Product Marketing Career Framework.

11. Alejandra Cienfuegos

Twitter: heyiamAC
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Alejandra Cienfuegos, a certified Notion Consultant, serves as both a Template Builder and Consultant, specializing in aiding small and medium-sized teams in optimizing their processes for increased efficiency.

12. Alex Sherwood

Twitter: aNotioneer
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Alex Sherwood, also known as aNotioneer, is a skilled Notion architect with expertise in organizing Notion systems for users. Holding the titles of Notion Ambassador and Certified Consultant, Alex provides consulting services, design assistance, and templates geared towards optimizing productivity.

13. The Notion Bar

Twitter: thenotionbar
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The Notion Bar is founded by Frances Odera Matthews, a Certified Notion Consultant, Organization Coach & Template Designer. Her templates and insights have helped countless users streamline their workflows, enhance their productivity, and achieve their desired outcomes.

14. Red Gregory

Twitter: RedGregory
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Red Gregory is a well-known Notion template creator and YouTuber with a passion for helping people use Notion more effectively. He has created a wide range of templates for various purposes, including productivity, project management, and personal organization. .

15. Ignacio Velasquez

Twitter: TheVeller
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Ignacio Velasquez, widely recognized as TheVeller, stands out as a notable figure in the realm of Notion enthusiasts. His innovative approach to template design reflects a keen understanding of user needs, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics to enhance the Notion experience.

16. Chris

Twitter: ThatsMrChris
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Chris stands out as a passionate advocate for Notion, channeling his enthusiasm into empowering everyday individuals, like us, to optimize productivity and seamlessly manage various aspects of life through the Notion platform.

17. Daniel Canosav

Twitter: dcanosa
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Daniel Canosav, a Notion Certified Consultant and operations expert, specializes in bringing order to business chaos through Notion and Zapier. His offerings include consulting, courses, and templates like Remote OS and YouTube Content Mastery.

18. August Bradley

Twitter: augustbradley
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August Bradley, the founder of Year Zero, is passionate about crafting efficient systems that elevate personal and team performance. Among Bradley's notable templates are Daily Action Zone and Sales & Marketing Dashboard, optimizing personal and team performance in Notion.

19. Dave

Twitter: heydave
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Dave, is a dedicated Notion Certified creator to enhancing organization and productivity with templates like Notion x Fitness and Notion x Students and Notion x GTD System. He follows the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology for efficient goal tracking and study organization.

20. Nicole Demarchi

Twitter: warnefrit
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Nicole Demarchi, an Italian Ph.D. Candidate crafts cool Notion templates, infusing joy into your academic journey. She creates an aesthetic templates like Christmas calendar, summer cocktail monthly planner, Notion Finance Tracker and so on.

21. Chloë Forbes-Kindlen

Twitter: ChloeForbesK
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Chloë Forbes-Kindlen is a notion-certified creator who designs Notion templates and tutorials to help you execute excellence with ease. She help you to build, manage & optimize your business operations in Notion.

22. Hashim | Notion 4 Management

Twitter: heyhash
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Hashim, the creative brain behind Notion4Management. He designs powerful Notion Templates such as the Notion Business Hub, Notion Finance Hub, System Brain, and more, all geared towards maximizing your productivity and optimizing your business processes.

23. Notionglobe

Twitter: notionglobe
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Notionglobe offers fantastic Notion templates designed to significantly enhance your productivity and help you stay exceptionally organized. Among the standout templates in their collection are the Notion Optimal Finance System, Book Tracker, Subscription Tracker, Habit Tracker, and more.

24. Matthias Frank

Twitter: MFreihaendig
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Matthias Frank – a former lawyer turned Notion Consultant. He's all about crafting systems to help you spend less time on the unnecessary and more time on what really matters. Matthias frank provides the templates are like Invoice generator, YouTube analytics, Book notes and so on.

25. Marco Elizalde

Twitter: marcoETmx
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Marco Elizalde is a solopreneur and huge Notion fan. He whips up templates to make your life easier and boost your productivity. Marco's all about unraveling the wonders of Notion's flexibility to help you organize and manage your projects like a pro.

26. JoyLoveDigital | Notion Mom

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Joy, your Notion Mom! She's got Notion templates for every aspect of life. Whether you're rocking parenthood, excelling individually, or thriving professionally, Joy's templates are your secret sauce!

27. Milo | Notion4Teachers

Twitter: Notion4Ts
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Milo, the brains behind Notion4Teachers and the Content Coordinator of a leading English academy in Korea. He crafts Notion templates to make life easier for teachers, streamlining admin tasks, and boosting the teaching experience. Milo's all about helping teachers obsess over productivity!

28. Julien Lesourd

Twitter: JulienLesourd
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Julien Lesourd, the independent recruiter and brain behind a game-changing Notion template. With its flexibility and scalability, you can effortlessly handle projects, team up seamlessly, and communicate like a pro with potential candidates or prospects.

29. Triz

Twitter: bodegalaabs
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Triz, a 7+ years experienced Project Manager, streamlines business operations, automates tasks, and saves time. She specializes in creating customized Notion systems to enhance productivity and elevate your business efficiency.

30. Nino Gorgiashvili

Twitter: nino_notion
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Nino, a Tech PM and Notion Expert, crafted ProductKIT Notion templates to make team collaboration and product development a breeze. These templates are your shortcut to building and running better products, faster based on proven PM methodologies and frameworks.
Notion, with its ever-growing ecosystem of creators, is an evolving productivity powerhouse. These Notion creators are the architects of efficiency, turning Notion from a digital workspace into a personalized productivity haven. So, embrace the Notion magic, explore the templates, and let the productivity journey begin!