How to make money through a blog in 2024?

Discover Fresh Ways to Profit from Blogging in 2024 with Our Expert Tips and Insights!

Oct 19, 2023
How to make money through a blog in 2024?
Starting a blog represents one of the most lucrative opportunities for online income. While building a substantial readership may require some time and effort, it's entirely achievable to earn up to $50,000 annually through dedicated blogging.
According to research involving 2,300 HubSpot customers, companies that maintain a blog, experience a 126% increase in monthly leads compared to those that do not.
The effectiveness of monetization strategies hinges on your specific blogging niche and the type of audience you engage. It might take some experimentation to determine the most suitable approach, but with unwavering perseverance, you can establish a substantial income stream.
45% of bloggers earning over $50,000 per year sell their own products or services, compared to only 8% of lower-income bloggers.
In this article, you'll discover comprehensive insights on monetizing your blog. We'll outline the top methods for beginners to start making money through their blogs.

Top ways to make money as Blogger

Numerous approaches exist for monetizing your blog. Your choice of method should align with your blogging experience and the nature of your blog, allowing you to select the one that suits your preferences and style.
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Let's now explore the leading approaches that can assist you in commencing your journey to earn income from your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one if the quickest way to earn money through blogging. People prefer this method because:
  1. It's a profitable industry with plenty of products to promote.
  1. It allows for passive income as a side hustle.
  1. It's a low-cost business with no massive upfront investment.
  1. You can promote products from various companies.
Many bloggers make thousands of dollars as their income by affiliate marketing. For instance, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, earn thousands, even over $100,000 a month with affiliate links.
To start, join affiliate programs like FlexOffers, ClickBank, or ShareASale. After approval, you'll receive unique affiliate links to include in your content, earning commissions when visitors make purchases. Commissions range from 5-30%, depending on the program and product prices. To excel in affiliate marketing,
  • Choose an affiliate program relevant to your audience.
  • Analyze competitors in your niche to understand their product recommendations and promotion techniques.
  • Use affiliate tools like Pretty Links to make your links appear professional and memorable.
Expert Tip
Prioritize building a monthly audience of 5,000 to 10,000 visitors before focusing on monetization through AdSense or affiliate marketing. When incorporating affiliate links, make them blend naturally for better results, and remember to include necessary disclaimers for affiliate-related content.
Neil P.
Digital Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

2. Paid Ads

Another great way to make money through your blog, consider selling ad space. An example is Single Moms Income, which earned $1,031.81/month in 2019 from ads alone. Google Adsense is a popular choice for many bloggers because it's free to join, allows ads on multiple sites, and lets you customize their appearance.
To get started, create a Google account and apply for Adsense. Approval may take a few hours to a couple of days. If not approved, consider alternatives like, PopAds, or Chitika.
Here are some tips for boosting ad revenue:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the ad program's policies.
  1. Focus on generating organic traffic through techniques like SEO.
  1. Experiment with different ad types and placements to optimize clicks and sales

3. Sponsored Posts

One effective way to monetize your blog is through sponsorships. Bloggers can earn a substantial income by writing product reviews and sponsored posts. These posts allow bloggers to get paid for discussing and showcasing brands or products they endorse and how they can benefit others. The fee for a sponsored post varies depending on the blogger's popularity and website traffic. For example, Alexis charges between $750 to $1,500 for each sponsored post on her blog, Fitnancials. To get started with sponsored posts, consider these steps:
  1. Develop a media kit that includes your blog's traffic statistics, audience demographics, and other relevant data to attract brands.
  1. Reach out to companies you are interested in collaborating with.
  1. Keep your media kit updated, especially if there are changes in your page views or follower count.
  1. Sign up on sponsorship platforms like Acorn Influence, Blog Meets Brand, and Social Stars to explore more opportunities.
Expert Tip
When it comes to different brands, they want to work with people who have loyal audiences that trust them and who care for their audiences. So just foster a really good relationship with the audience.
Neil P.
Digital Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

4. Online Consulting

If you're a seasoned expert in your industry and want to share your knowledge, consulting can be a lucrative online income stream. Depending on your expertise, you could earn up to $90,000 per year as a consultant.
Neil Patel, for example, makes $20,000 per month as an SEO consultant. Consultants typically:
  1. Identify problems within organizations and provide effective strategies.
  1. Act as catalysts for change without being hindered by corporate culture.
  1. Offer training to enhance employees' skills to stay competitive.
There's no upfront investment required to start consulting. Just create a page with a contact form for potential clients. To find consulting opportunities, check sites like Glassdoor and FlexJobs.
However, consider these factors before diving into consulting:
  1. Check for necessary registrations and licenses in your state.
  1. Research consultant rates in your industry to set competitive pricing.
  1. Develop additional skills such as public speaking, group training, effective feedback, and data analysis for success in consulting.

5. Guest Blogging

If you’re trying to boost your online presence and income through blogging, consider guest writing for other websites. Guest bloggers can earn $50 to $300 per post. Elna Cain, for instance, replaced her full-time salary by freelancing as a blogger for six months.
Guest blogging not only generates income but also showcases expertise, especially when writing for reputable brands. This can drive traffic to your own blog, enhancing credibility and conversion rates.
Here are the few tips to start guest blogging:
  1. Find sites that accept guest posts using blog directories like AllTop, Technorati, and Popurls.
  1. Select websites with high online authority and your desired target audience.
  1. Craft compelling pitches to secure guest blogging opportunities.
  1. Ensure a publisher would want to work with you again by consistently delivering well-written guest posts on time.

6. Online Courses

Experienced educators can boost their online income by selling courses. Here's why bloggers should consider this option:
  1. Expand reach: Move from a small class to a global audience, reaching hundreds of students.
  1. Income potential: No limits on course enrollment means more earnings as more students join.
  1. Time freedom: Courses can run without constant teacher presence once set up.
For example, blogger Ryan Robinson made over $2,000/month in 2020 selling a blogging and business course. To start selling online courses:
  • Use presentation software, screen recording tools, a webcam, and a microphone.
  • Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera are popular for course creation.
  • On WordPress, consider plugins like LearnDash and AccessAlly.
To succeed in course creation:
  • Make courses interactive with animations, games, images, or audio.
  • Build client relationships to boost sales.
  • Use pop-ups on your blog to encourage course purchases with discounts.

7. Set a Fee for sponsored Social Media Posts

A robust presence on social media can make you highly appealing to brands. Some individuals generate their entire blogging income from sponsored social media posts. You can set a price for each post or repost, and the earnings can be surprisingly substantial.
However, your primary focus should be on growing your follower base. Brands consider your "social proof" (the number of social media followers you have) as a sign that your audience will also appreciate what you share about them.

Characteristics of successful blog

The success of a blog can take various shapes, depending on the blogger's objectives. To determine if you've achieved your goals, consider monitoring essential website metrics through Google Analytics tools.
This no-cost tracking tool can also provide insights into reader engagement with your content and help identify what's effective and what's not.
Here are some crucial blog metrics to assess and gauge the effectiveness of a blog:
  1. Page Views: The number of times a blog's pages are viewed should show a steady increase over time. If the numbers are below expectations, identify the issue and work on driving more traffic.
  1. Dwell Time: Most visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a webpage. To engage readers for longer, create well-designed pages with valuable and relevant content.
  1. Bounce Rate: Ideally, a site's bounce rate should fall within the range of 25-40%.
  1. Returning Visitors: Monitor whether your readership is growing, maintaining stability, or declining.
  1. SERP Rankings: A blog's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking indicates how effectively the content addresses the queries people search for. Higher rankings lead to more website clicks.
  1. Reader Comments: A high volume of comments can make a strong impression on visitors and can also signal a sense of community on the blog.

Is it genuinely possible to earn income through blogging?

Indeed, the answer is yes! However, the potential earnings from blogging can fluctuate. This is typical when you begin monetizing a blog, but over time, bloggers can achieve substantial success.
Monetizing a blog is a gradual process that hinges on building a readership. The greater your readership, the more appealing you become to advertisers.
To generate a respectable income from blogging, consider diversifying your revenue sources and utilizing various methods.