How Datakrew simplified their website management with Bullet.

See how Datakrew streamlined website management with, shifting from external dependency to efficient, in-house no-code solutions.

Jan 3, 2024
How Datakrew simplified their website management with Bullet.

About Datakrew:

Datakrew is a B2B SaaS company that specializes in innovative hardware and software products, primarily focused on the electric vehicle (EV) domain. The company required a professional, customer-centric website to cater to their business clients.
We were able to launch the website in one and a half days. Even a person with no coding background could use and see the changes in real time. This is faster and simpler. - Susan, Project lead.


Datakrew's initial website setup involved an external agency and was built on WordPress. This posed limitations and they needed an in-house, user-friendly, no-code website solution. Susan, overseeing the project, was tasked with finding a platform that could be easily managed by the team.

The Problem:

  1. Dependency on External Agency: The external agency's management of the WordPress site led to delays and a lack of direct control over website updates.
  1. Technical Constraints: The need for technical expertise in managing the website posed challenges, as Datakrew aimed to handle website management internally without a software engineer.
The free version of itself offered much more value than Super's paid version. We were happy with it and decided to upgrade for even more features. - Susan, Project lead.

The Solution:

  1. Platform Evaluation: After exploring several no-code platforms, including Super, Datakrew decided on due to its simplicity, efficiency, and value proposition.
  1. Implementation with's integration with Notion and its easy-to-use templates enabled Datakrew to launch their website within one and a half days, a significant improvement.


  1. Efficiency in Development: The rapid deployment of the new website highlighted's effectiveness in facilitating quick development.
  1. Simplified Content Management: Updates and changes could be made swiftly and were immediately visible, enhancing the overall content management process.
  1. Maintaining Professional Standards: Despite the ease of use and no-code nature of, the website retained a professional appearance, crucial for B2B interactions.
Compared to our previous no-code builder, where it took us a month to build, helped us build a website in less than 2 days. The efficiency was remarkable. - Susan, Project lead.


Datakrew’s experience with underscores the transformative power of user-friendly, no-code web platforms in the realm of website management. The shift not only enabled quick and easy website updates but also ensured the maintenance of a professional standard, vital for their business clientele.