How Sahayak is utilizing bullet to drive their content marketing efforts.

Discover how Sahayak transformed its content management process with Learn how they replaced WordPress, eliminated downtime, reduced costs, and prioritized loading speeds for enhanced SEO impact, resulting in a seamless digital experience.

Aug 30, 2023
How Sahayak is utilizing bullet to drive their content marketing efforts.

About Sahayak:

Sahayak provides diverse digital experiences to users through localization with a mission to facilitate user onboarding, guidance, and task completion.
Wordpress used to consistently go down and a lot of time was going in maintaining WordPress and publishing the damn blogs. - Puneet, Co-founder@Sahayak.

The Challenges:

  1. Fragmented Workflow: Sahayak faced a broken workflow involving Notion for strategy and planning and WordPress for publishing which was leading to inefficiencies.
  1. WordPress Woes: The reliance on WordPress led to downtime and resource-intensive maintenance which was diverting valuable time and manpower.
  1. Slow Loading speed: While WordPress served as their blogging platform and the use of multiple plugins was slowing their loading speeds resulting in diminished SEO scores.

The Solution:

  1. Integration: Sahayak embraced as an all-round solution to replace WordPress and streamline their content management process.
  1. Effortless Integration with Notion:'s seamless integration with Notion allowed Sahayak for a smooth transition from strategy, planning and drafting to publication.
  1. Prioritize Loading Speeds:'s static pages empowered Sahayak to create content effortlessly by prioritizing loading speed.
Bullet is a Wordpress replacement and blogging platform, Product that you don't have to use just, works in the background. - Puneet, Co-Founder@Sahayak.


  1. Uninterrupted Experience: The integration of provided a stable platform, eliminating downtime and ensuring content availability at all times.
  1. Reduced Costs and Effort: By replacing WordPress, Sahayak achieved cost savings by eliminating the manpower dedicated to platform maintenance.
  1. Enhanced SEO Impact:'s focus on SEO, Loading Speeds and simplicity increased SEO optimization resulting in higher inbound traffic.


Sahayak's journey exemplifies the transformative power of in overhauling their content management process.
By integrating with their Notion-based workflow, they eliminated downtime, reduced costs, and Increased their loading speeds for SEO impact.