How Readonly rest simplified their content management workflow with bullet

Learn how security solution provider ReadonlyREST improved content management by transitioning to Discover how the switch from WordPress streamlined their workflow, allowing more focus on writing and elevating their online presence.

Aug 30, 2023
How Readonly rest simplified their content management workflow with bullet

About ReadonlyREST:

ReadonlyREST provides an enterprise-ready security solution for Elastic search and Kibana with services like data flow encryption, user management, LDAP integration, and tenancy segregation.
I wanted to get rid of WordPress to remove friction in content management and focus more on writing than designing. - Simone, Founder@ReadonlyRest.

The Challenge:

  1. Friction in Content Management: ReadonlyREST experienced content management inefficiencies with their previous WordPress-based solution.
  1. Quest for the Right CMS: Seeking a seamless content management system (CMS), they desired a platform that prioritized writing over design.

The Solution:

  1. Adoption: ReadonlyREST embraced as the solution to their content management challenges, transitioning from WordPress to our streamlined platform.
  1. Quality Template Selection:'s high-quality customizable templates proved important as they offered a polished and professional look.
  1. Content-Focused Approach: enabled ReadonlyREST to direct their focus solely onto writing while it seamlessly transformed their Notion drafts into a functional blog.
💡 simplified our workflow. And The templates helped us maintain a professional online presence. Bullet is more than just a toy. - Simone, Founder@ReadonlyRest.


  1. Simplified Content Workflow: The transition to streamlined content management and freed up resources previously dedicated to dealing with CMS complexities.
  1. Focus on Writing: ReadonlyREST was able to direct their focus towards content creation, thanks to


The case study underscores how revolutionized ReadonlyREST's content management journey.
By transitioning from WordPress to, they not only enhanced their website's appearance but also simplified content management, allowing a greater focus on writing.