How Lucas uses Bullet to manage and sell his parts work courses.

Explore how a parts work therapy expert optimized content creation and achieved design consistency using Learn how they overcame complex workflows and design challenges while reducing costs and improving productivity.

Aug 30, 2023
How Lucas uses Bullet to manage and sell his parts work courses.

About the Course Creator:

The Creator Lucas specializes in parts work therapy and helps part work coaches and individuals with his expertise through his courses.
Wordpress is slow harder, to use templates and re-implement them, It can do a lot but needs plugins then it becomes slow. - Lucas, course creator

The Problem:

  1. Complex Workflow: Content creation and publishing required duplicating efforts due to the use of multiple platforms. Writing in one place and copying elsewhere, leading to inefficiencies.
  1. Formatting and Design Challenges: The creator struggled with maintaining consistent format across different platforms, particularly in merging design elements with content while publishing the content.
  1. Wordpress Limitations: Due to WordPress's numerous plugins and intricate layouts, the creator faced difficulties and recognised that it was too heavy.

The Solution:

  1. Notion Powered Website: The course creator adopted to bridge the gaps as it allows for seamless conversion of content from Notion to website.
  1. Seamless Design Implementation: eliminates the need for intricate design setups on WordPress as it enables content and design standardization within Notion.
  1. Minimized Expenditures: Transitioning to reduces the dependency on WordPress, special hosting and plugins resulting in cost savings.
With Bullet you Simply host your notion website.It's easier, fast and way cheaper. - Lucas, course creator


  1. Efficiency Gains:'s integration significantly reduced the time spent on content publishing, freeing up resources for other essential tasks.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution: By minimizing tool usage and plugin dependencies, contributed to reduced expenditures.
  1. Enhanced Productivity: The creator by using experienced improved productivity through seamless content creation and design integration directly in notion.


The case study exemplifies how the creator effectively addressed their content management challenges.
By adopting, they were able to establish a streamlined process, achieve consistent design and increased productivity.