The best notion widgets to make your notion powerful

Enhance your productivity by setting up workspaces in Notion. To elevate it even further, incorporate the top-notch Notion widgets into your workspace.

Dec 22, 2023
The best notion widgets to make your notion powerful
Notion isn't just your typical productivity tool—it's like your project wizard! Notion with cool features for databases, collaboration, and more, it's a game-changer. The best part? You can tweak it to fit your style, adding plugins and widgets to amp up your workspace.

What are Notion Widgets?

Notion widgets, specifically, are components enabling users to integrate functions, information, or features from other apps and websites into their Notion workspace.
For example, you can use a widget to incorporate a timer, social media feed, or music playlist into a Notion document.

Best Notion Widgets

Check out these awesome Notion widgets that are all about making your life easier! There's a bunch of them popping up, and you can hunt for cool ones on places like Apption, Indify, and WidgetBox.
We've rounded up some of the best ones. So, here are the super cool Notion widgets you might want to think about adding to your account.

1. Weather Widget

Weather conditions are often overlooked but remain crucial. Checking the next day's weather can be tedious, constantly opening your phone. That's where convenient weather widgets come in—they deliver updates directly to your Notion page.
These widgets, like those from WidgetBox,, and Indify, not only provide information but also offer entertaining animations, turning forecast checks into mini-shows.
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2. Clock Widget

Elevate your task management with a Notion clock widget, essential for effective time management in the remote work era. Customize it to your liking, with features like time zone adjustments and fun alarms. Options like Indify and WidgetBox Clock are available to enhance your Notion experience.
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3. Pomodoro Widget

The Pomodoro technique, a proven time-management method, involves 25-minute work slots followed by a 5-minute break. The Pomodoro widget is an easy way to enhance productivity without a complex app.
If you use Notion daily, integrate pomodoro widget for 25-minute focused bursts. Customize Pomodoro for efficiency with apps that complement the widget. You can find suitable Notion Pomodoro widgets at,, and Pomodoro Tracker.
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4. Calculator Widget

Most likely, your phone and computer already come equipped with calculators. However, do you have a stylish calculator readily available on Notion? Probably not.
Avoid the hassle of switching between apps for calculations, as it can be distracting and inefficient. Instead, integrate a calculator widget directly onto your Notion pages to effortlessly manage budgeting and keep your finances organized.
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5. Life Progress Bar

A life progress bar offers a unique yet efficient method for monitoring your objectives and the pace at which you're achieving them. This intuitive progress bar widget allows you to visualize the span of your life, presenting aesthetically pleasing bars for different time metrics.
Whether it's your weekly aspirations or annual goals, this Notion widget is highly customizable, allowing you to personalize it based on your birth date and age.
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6. Notion Quotes Widget

Check out this cool free quote widget for Notion. You can customize with 14 backgrounds, two fonts, and pick from five categories like motivation and inspiration. It acts as your daily dose of good vibes for tasks, projects, or self-care.
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7. Water Tracker Widget

Use this Water Tracker widget for a fun way of monitoring your water intake. Just use the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows to input your intake, and watch the animated water level rise in the circle. Features include an aesthetic design, light and dark modes, and a playful way to track progress towards your water goals.
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8. Spotify Widget

If your productivity relies on music, this widget have you covered. Embed your favorite Spotify playlist into your Notion dashboard and enjoy some soothing tunes while you work.

9. Habit Tracker Widget

Notion serves as a popular productivity tool for individuals. The Notion Habit Tracker widget enables you to monitor and display your habits as streaks, adding a gamified element that enhances motivation to stay committed to your goals.
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10. Calendar Notion Widget

The Notion calendar widget streamlines planning in your workspace by eliminating the need for external calendars. You can customize colors to your liking, track events, and receive instant updates on tasks and meetings. You can easily add it from WidgetBox or Google Calendar by signing in and enabling permissions.
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11. Ambient Sound

If you enjoy having a tranquil soundtrack in the backdrop, Ambient Sound is the ideal Notion widget. You have the option to play soothing sounds such as Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire, Birds, and more to enhance your relaxation.
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Revolutionize your Notion Experience with Widgets

Widgets serve a dual purpose by not just offering functionality but also adding a touch of personalization to your Notion setup. The following enumeration highlights just a fraction of the numerous widgets available for embedding on your page. As you continue to develop your setup, you're bound to uncover even more options.