What is Notion AI and how to use it in 2024

Discover the magic of Notion AI! Find out what it's all about and learn how to make it work for you. Supercharge your productivity and dive into a world of efficiency!

Dec 22, 2023
What is Notion AI and how to use it in 2024
In late 2022, OpenAI dropped ChatGPT, an AI that talks like a human. People went wild and started speculating about the future of jobs and content. Now, companies love AI has grown heaps.
Notion jumped on the AI train, dropping a cool tool. Now, you can auto-generate blogs, make tables, write summaries, and translate text—all by tossing prompts at the Notion AI block.
This article is your go-to guide on Notion AI. We'll show you how to use it and share some nifty ideas to supercharge your workflow and boost up productivity.

What is Notion AI?

Ever tried ChatGPT? Well, Notion AI works kinda like that. But here's the twist—it's built right into your Notion account and you can enjoy all the AI perks, like quick answers, automatic content creation, and summaries of to-dos-all within the Notion.
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Just put in a prompt, and Notion AI throws up a response, be it emails, blog posts, lists, or more. And, you can tweak, rewrite, or slim down existing content. Let's dig into all the cool things you can do with Notion AI below!

Creative ways to use Notion AI

Below are some typical scenarios where Notion AI proves useful:

1. Generating a Blog Outline

Notion AI has the capability to generate comprehensive blog posts based on a concise one-sentence text prompt. It adeptly structures the content, incorporating multiple paragraphs, headings, and sub-headings.
I utilized the Blog Post AI assistance feature, providing the following prompt:
"What are the most effective strategies for utilizing Notion?"
Let's take a glance at the outcome:
notion image
If you’re curious, I’ve placed the entire output here.
With Notion AI, you can build your blog and toss it straight onto the web. But if you want to spice up your blog with cool themes, check out notion website builders like Bullet.so, super.so, and the like to give your AI-written blog its own snazzy website.

2. Brainstorm Ideas

Notion AI is a versatile tool for generating a variety of ideas. Personally, I employed it to brainstorm business concepts, and I found the experience to be remarkably impressive!
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3. Create Comparison Tables

Notion AI has the capability to generate real, uncomplicated tables within the Notion platform. These tables enable you to conveniently compare and contrast various items.
Here are the outcomes based on the provided prompt:
“Create the table comparing the features of Hyundai, Kia and BMW”
notion image

4. Generate a social media post

You can create compelling social media posts with Notion AI's inspiration. Direct it to craft content aligned with your style, including elements like questions, data points, or value propositions.
Here are the outcome based on the given prompt:
“Write a 200 word twitter post on Mobile. Start with a question and end with a call to action.”
notion image

5. Translates text to multiple languages

Sharing ideas in another language can be tricky, right? But with Notion AI's Translate feature, it's a breeze! It effortlessly turns words into different languages, making things super convenient.

6. Summarizes the Document

Notion AI provides a valuable feature known as summaries, enabling the automatic creation of brief summaries from text. This functionality proves especially advantageous for busy professionals with limited time to devote to lengthy documents or articles.

Other use cases of Notion AI

Below are several notable applications of Notion AI:
  1. Produce bullet points filled with data for incorporation into your professional or academic presentations.
  1. Utilize Notion AI to tackle intricate mathematical equations and receive detailed explanations of the solving process.
  1. Generate code by providing the appropriate prompts to Notion AI.

Is Notion AI better than ChatGPT?

While Notion AI is doing great, ChatGPT takes it up a notch in this space. ChatGPT has a wider range of uses, but I have to hand it to Notion AI for seamlessly bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence into an organized workspace and text editor.

Final Thoughts

If you're into Notion, get ready to supercharge your productivity with Notion AI. It won't do everything perfectly, but it's a great kickstarter. Just double-check its content and tweak it to match your style.
Explore Notion AI's features and find what clicks for you. Have fun exploring!