How to create a notion template

Discover the simple process of converting any Notion page into a template to streamline your workflow. Follow this step-by-step guide to create effective and efficient templates.

Dec 28, 2023
How to create a notion template
Notion is like your productivity sidekick, helping you organize thoughts, projects, and docs hassle-free. One cool feature? Templates! They're your time-saving buddies, offering ready-made structures for specific needs.
Notion makes it super easy for you to create your own template or transform your pages into one. In this article, I'll walk you through
  • The steps to create a Notion template and
  • How to submit the template to Notion.

Understanding Notion Templates

Before we dive into the steps, let's have a glimpse of Notion templates. They're like ready-made pages that kickstart your content creation. Whether it's meeting notes, project plans, or your personal journal, templates keep things consistent and easy.
And here's the cool part: when you create up a Notion template, you can toss in placeholders, pre-filled content, and tweak database properties to make it super functional. Share them with your pals for seamless teamwork and keeping things uniform across the board.

How to create a Notion Template

Now that we know what templates are, let's jump into how to create a template in Notion.

Step 1: Create a “New Page” or “Database”

Let's kick things off by making a new page or database in Notion. This is going to be the starting point for your template. You can go for a blank page or tweak an existing one – totally up to you!
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Step 2: Customize your Template

Personalize the page to meet your preferences. Incorporate headings, subheadings, bullet points, checkboxes, images, tables, and various other elements to organize your content. Consider the template's intended purpose and customize it to align with your specific requirements.

Step 3: Personalize with blocks

Use Notion's block system to incorporate diverse content types into your template. Whether it's text, images, videos, embedded files, or code snippets, Notion offers a wide range of block options to cater to your requirements.

Step 4: Pre-Populate content

If your template contains information that remains the same for various instances, you can pre-populate that content. This helps users avoid the inconvenience of entering repetitive information each time they generate a new version of your template.

Step 5: Configure Properties

When your template is integrated into a database, configuring properties enhances its dynamism. These properties, such as status, priority, tags, etc., facilitate database filtering and sorting, proving especially beneficial for project management or task tracking templates.

Step 6: Duplicate the page to create a template

After preparing your page, click the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner. Choose 'Duplicate' from the menu to create a new page copy, serving as a template for future use.

Step 7: Use Template

To make a new page with your template, just duplicate it. The duplicated page is separate from the original template, so you can reuse it without changing the template's structure or data.

Step 8: Share & Collaborate

To share your page as a template with your colleagues or anyone on the web, click 'Share' at the top right, then click 'Publish' and 'Publish to web.' Enable 'Allow duplicate as template', copy the link, and share it. Future users can duplicate with the updated info as you edit.
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How to submit the template to Notion

To submit a page as a template, start by publishing it first. Follow the above step 8 to complete the publishing process.
  • Go to Notion guide page to submit your template. Click the “Submit A Template” button to open the submission form.
  • Provide your answers, and on the 'Public URL' page, copy and paste the note URL from the Notion publish section.
  • Fill out and submit the form. The Notion team will contact you for any updates.


In Notion, turning a page into a template is a game-changer! It saves time and gives you consistent structures for all kinds of info. Whether you're a student sorting study notes, a pro managing projects, or a blogger plotting content, Notion templates are your secret weapon.
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