How to sell notion templates in 2024

Explore the secrets of selling Notion templates with our comprehensive guide. Learn proven strategies to market, monetize, and maximize your template sales.

Dec 28, 2023
How to sell notion templates in 2024
Ever wondered if you could make some cash selling Notion templates? It's a question that pops up a lot in Notion communities on Reddit and Twitter. Well, guess what? You totally can! There are plenty of Notion creators out there pulling in over $1,000 every month just by sharing their templates.
You know you can make money from your templates, but you're not sure how. Maybe you're unsure if your template is worth buying, or perhaps you're confident it will sell, but you need to improve your marketing skills to build an audience and set up a passive income stream. In this article, I'll walk you through:
  • How to sell a Notion Template
  • How to market on Notion templates to get more sales
Let's jump right in!

How to sell a Notion Template?

Before diving into selling your template, make sure to create an attractive Notion template. After triple-checking to ensure your templates are complete, you're all set to share them with the world. Here’s the step-by-step guide to sell your Notion Template:

1. Publish your Template

After completing the creation of your Notion template, click on the “Share” button located in the top right corner of the app. Next, activate the "Share to Web" toggle. Upon sharing your template, you will encounter another set of toggle buttons. Ensure the following settings:
  1. Turn off "Allow Editing."
  1. Turn off "Allow comments" unless you want customers to provide feedback on your template.
  1. Turn on "Allow duplicate as template" to allow customers to save their personalized copies of the template.
  1. Turn off search engine indexing to prevent your template from appearing publicly on the internet.
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2. Create a PDF

Wrap your entire template as PDF and customers will buy this PDF as a digital download from your Notion marketplace. It should comprise:
  1. A link to your Notion template.
  1. Instructions on using the template (unless already included within the template itself).
  1. General terms of use (remind customers not to share your template link publicly here).

3. Sell your Template

Perhaps you're wondering, 'Where's the best place to sell my Notion templates?'
Begin by selling your Notion templates on your own website to avoid vendor fees, but be ready to cover hosting and additional costs. Enhance visibility with SEO skills and persuasive copywriting to convert readers into customers.
Consider exploring Notion marketplaces as well. Even if you have your website, posting your template on multiple platforms can broaden your reach and expand your audience. These marketplaces simplify the process of selling your templates (we're big fans of Gumroad):
  • Gumroad
  • Lemonsqueezy
  • Notionry
  • Etsy
  • AppSumo
Next, post your product on the Notion marketplace of your choice, including the pricing details.
That’s it! You’ve successfully sold your template on Notion marketplace where customers can purchase your Notion templates.

How to boost your sales with your Notion Templates

Selling your Notion template is just the beginning; there's more work ahead to attract customers. Being proactive in marketing is key because people can only purchase what they know exists, and they're more likely to buy if they see its value. Consider these strategies:
  1. Build a Social Media Following: Engage with your audience on platforms like social media. Create videos or blog posts showcasing how your template works and solves specific everyday problems.
  1. Collect Testimonials: Gather testimonials from users who have found your template helpful. Displaying customer reviews can build trust among potential buyers.
  1. Run Promotions: Boost sales by running periodic sales or offering special discount coupons to entice potential customers.
  1. Establish an Affiliate Program: Encourage others to promote your templates by creating an affiliate program. Compensate your affiliates with a percentage commission for each sale they bring to your online store.
Selling Notion templates is a legitimate and profitable opportunity to earn substantial income. Just understand your audience, become a master in Notion, create eye-catching templates, and start selling them. Now is the moment to start building!