How to create Notion portfolio website in 30 minutes?

Learn step-by-step how to build a stunning Notion portfolio website using

Apr 25, 2024
How to create Notion portfolio website in 30 minutes?
Are you tired of sending out PDFs of your portfolio to potential clients and recruiters, only to receive minimal response? It's time to elevate your approach and craft an impressive portfolio website.
When clients or recruiters see a professional portfolio site, they spend time looking through it. The better your portfolio looks and organized, the more likely they are to contact you. With a tidy and well-planned portfolio, you can show clients or recruiters that you'll do great work for them too.
Remember, first impressions matter, and Bullet can help you make a great one without needing to know how to code.
So, in this blog, we'll walk you through the process of creating a professional portfolio website that effectively showcases your work in a visually appealing manner, leaving a memorable impact on your clients.

Why Bullet is the top choice for creating Notion portfolio website

Creating a portfolio in Notion is common, but it has limitations like limited design options and scalability issues for large websites. addresses these problems by providing customizable templates for portfolios and other websites, enhancing design and scalability.
Check out the stunning portfolio templates built by Bullet
With, users can easily customize templates according to their preferences and industry needs without extensive technical knowledge. It also offers security features like password protection.
Overall, simplifies building portfolio websites on Notion, helping users showcase their work effectively to potential clients and recruiters.

How to build Notion portfolio website streamlines building a portfolio website using your existing Notion content or with the help of Bullet’s portfolio templates. Here's a breakdown of the process:

1. Setting up the Workspace

Initially, you need to set up account in You an create a portfolio in two ways either from scratch or from Bullet’s template.
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  1. Start from Scratch: If you're already comfortable with using Notion, you can start by crafting your portfolio content within a Notion page. Once you're done, simply copy the Notion page's URL and paste it into Bullet to enjoy other benefits.
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b. Start from Pre-build templates: Another option is to utilize Bullet's pre-designed templates for building your portfolio website. After choosing your desired template, you'll be prompted to input your site's name details. After completion, you'll have the option to duplicate the template within your Notion workspace.
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2. Personalize with your content

Once the template has been duplicated in your Notion workspace, you can proceed to customize it according to your needs. After completing the content customization, it's essential to publish it and then copy the Notion URL to paste it into Bullet. Then click on “Apply & create site”
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3. Customize your Notion Portfolio

Now it's time to customize your portfolio to your liking. Bullet allows you to modify every aspect of your website effortlessly - from the overall look and feel to colors, fonts, headers, and footers. With complete control, you can tweak anything you desire.
Here's what you can do with Bullet's design features:
  1. Create Navbar and Footer:
      • Navbar: Guide visitors to important pages quickly by creating a custom navbar. Choose from various styles, add your logo, pages, customize colors, and make it sticky for easy access.
      • Footer: Establish your brand and retain visitors by creating a customized footer. Choose from different styles, add pages, social media icons, logo, and customize colors.
  1. Select a Color Theme:
      • Choose from the appropriate color themes to match your brand's colors perfectly.
  1. Add a Custom Domain:
      • Enhance your online presence by connecting a unique custom domain to your portfolio. Remove the "" extension for a cleaner URL.
By utilizing Bullet's features, you can create a professional and visually appealing portfolio website that reflects your unique style and attracts potential clients or employers

4. Make your Portfolio website live

Now for the final step: after customizing your portfolio, it's time to publish your website online. Simply click "publish" in the Bullet dashboard to make your site live.
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With your portfolio website now live, it's time to share it with potential clients and recruiters. Include the link in your email signature, LinkedIn profile, and other relevant locations. Utilize your website as a marketing tool by promoting it on social media and other online platforms.


Crafting an impressive portfolio website using Notion is an excellent strategy to showcase your work and captivate potential clients.
Follow our guide to create a portfolio website that distinguishes you from the competition and increases your chances of landing your dream job or clients.
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