How to use notion templates - A definative guide

Check out our ultimate guide on using Notion templates – your ticket to smoother workflows, better task management, and a personalized Notion experience.

Dec 5, 2023
How to use notion templates - A definative guide
With all the bells and whistles that Notion has to offer, getting started can be a bit overwhelming.
Lo and behold Notion templates – They are like the foundations where the community whips up all sorts of templates for every use case you can think of!
Whether you're on the hunt for a daily habit tracker or a grocery list, or part of a big company needing a team knowledge base or an editorial calendar, there is a ready made template for it.
In this guide, we’ll dive into templates, how to use templates to improve your workflows, and how you can create your own.

What are Notion templates?

A Notion Template is a ready-made page that you can incorporate into your workspace. Instead of recreating a basic page or an intricate workflow from scratch, just insert a Notion template into your workspace and begin your work.
Templates cover a wide range of purposes, from team knowledge bases to personal workout trackers and everything in between.

How to find Notion templates?

There are two main ways to find Notion templates:

1. Notion template gallery:

The Notion template gallery is a collection of templates that have been created by the Notion team and community members. You can browse the gallery by category, or you can search for specific templates.
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2. Third-party websites :

There are also a number of third-party websites where creators list their Notion templates. These websites often have a wider selection of templates than the Notion template gallery. These platforms offer templates in both free and paid versions.
Here are some of the most popular third-party websites to get Notion templates:
  • Gumroad: Gumroad is a platform where creators can sell their digital products, including Notion templates. You can find a variety of Notion templates on Gumroad, from free to paid.
  • Etsy : Etsy is a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, but you can also find a variety of Notion templates on Etsy. You can find both free and paid Notion templates on Etsy.
  • Lemonsqueezy : Lemon Squeezy offers a diverse array of Notion resources, encompassing templates, tutorials, and tips. Providing a broad spectrum of templates, the platform caters to needs in productivity, personal organization, and business.
  • Notionery: Notionery is a marketplace for Notion templates, courses, resources, and more. It offers a variety of templates for personal and professional use, as well as courses and resources to help you learn how to use Notion effectively.
  • Prototion: Prototion is a hub for diverse free and paid Notion templates, catering to productivity, personal organization, and business needs.
  • Notion Everything: Notion Everything is a comprehensive resource for Notion users, including templates, tutorials, and tips. They have a curated selection of templates for various purposes, along with guides for creating your own templates.

How to use Notion Template?

With Notion gaining immense popularity, creators are increasingly drawn to crafting Notion templates. These templates have proven instrumental in enhancing productivity and efficiency for many organizations. Finding the perfect template for your needs is a breeze.
Curious about using one? Well, here are the steps to get started!

Step 1: Choose the appropriate Notion template

To supercharge your organization's productivity, just pick a Notion template that vibes with what you need. Whether you hit up the inbuilt Template Gallery in Notion or check out cool options on third-party sites like Gumroad, Etsy, Lemonsqueezy, and more.

Step 2: Import and duplicate the chosen Template

After finalizing your template, the next step is to duplicate it directly to your Notion account. Click the "Duplicate" button situated in the top-right corner of the template preview page. This will generate a duplicate of the template and integrate it into your Notion account.
If it's a paid template, complete the payment, and the template URL will be sent to your registered email. Click the link to instantly duplicate the template in your Notion account.

Step 3: Customize & Personalize

Now, you have duplicated the template, it's now your opportunity to make it distinctly yours.
You can add, modify, or remove pages, sections, and content to align it with your specific needs. Customize the template by incorporating your unique branding elements, including colors, logos, and fonts, to establish a unified visual identity.

Step 4: Start using the Template

Once the template is customized according to your preferences, you're set to begin using it. Explore the various features and functionalities the template offers, and commence integrating your own data and information.
Now, you can use your customized template for your organization to boost your productivity and streamline your tasks effectively.

Step 5: Share & Collaborate

Share the template with team members or collaborators by inviting them to your workspace. Utilize the real-time editing and commenting features to collaborate seamlessly. Working together in this way, enhances your efficiency and contributes to more effective outcomes.


Using Notion templates is like having a secret weapon to make your work life easier. Whether you're handling tasks, planning projects, or just keeping things in order, these notion templates are a game-changer.
Just follow these steps, and you'll be customizing templates to fit your style, making work a breeze on the Notion platform. It's all about boosting your productivity and teamwork effortlessly!