How to create a membership site with Notion

Explore the steps to create a membership site using Notion's powerful platform.

Feb 6, 2024
How to create a membership site with Notion
It's widely known that Notion has experienced a rapid surge in popularity. Some users appreciate Notion for its simplicity, while others admire its robust features and flexibility.
Notion offers the capability to publish tutorials and online courses for your audience. You can either invite individuals to access a private workspace or share your pages on the web.
Up until now, there hasn't been a straightforward method to place your content behind a paywall and charge for access. However, that has changed!
Now, with the help of, you can secure your Notion pages, charge for access, and grant entry only to customers who have logged in.
In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of transforming your Notion pages into a membership site, enabling you to monetize your content effectively.
Let's dive in and get started!

Membership site- An Overview

Before getting into the steps of creating a Membership site in notion, let’s get a Knowledge about what is Membership site. A membership site is a website where access to certain content or features is restricted to paying members or those meeting specific criteria. Think of it like an exclusive club online. They offer valuable content, community, or services that aren't available elsewhere.

Why Notion is easy for membership sites:

Creating a membership site in Notion is relatively easy due to the platform's versatility and user-friendly interface. Notion allows users to organize and structure content seamlessly, making it simple to set up restricted access to specific pages or workspaces.
By using tools like, you can easily implement a paywall, control access to your Notion pages, and transform your content into a source of revenue. This makes Notion an attractive choice for individuals looking to monetize their content and build a community around exclusive offerings.

How to create a Membership site in Notion

Many other third-party tools are available in the market for implementing a membership site. However, we’ve opted for the tool to create my membership site using Notion.

Step 1: Set up your Notion site in Bullet

We're well aware that Notion is an adaptable platform for building websites without the need for coding. Thus, transforming a Notion page into a website is a quick and straightforward task. Explore the article for a guide on creating a Notion page and converting it into a website.
Once your Notion page is live, it's time to integrate Bullet to transform your regular site into a membership site.
  1. First, Log into Bullet and selecting "Start from scratch" if you already have a Notion page. If you don't have content on Notion yet, you can utilize Bullet's pre-made templates instead.
    1. notion image
  1. Go back to your Notion workspace and copy the public URL we created in step one (it’s in the share menu!) Then, paste it into Bullet and give your site a name.
  1. You’ll notice that Notion links are, by default, long and full of numbers. Don’t worry — Bullet turns all your Notion URLs into nice, pretty links using your custom domain.
  1. Click “Domains.”
  1. Click “Add a Custom Domain.”
  1. Now, you will need to add another CNAME record and a name to your domain that points to your Notion site — your registrar can help with this as well if needed.
  1. Once your domain is connected, Bullet will take the names of your Notion pages and turn them into pretty URLs that are easy to link to. They’ll look something like this:

Step 2: How to make Notion site into Membership site

Once your Notion site is set up with your custom domain, it's time to convert it into a membership site. To do so, follow these steps in Notion:
  1. Navigate to "pages" in your Bullet Dashboard sidebar within your site settings.
  1. Select the page you want to gate content for and click on "lock."
  1. In Membership settings, you will get two different options as:
    1. Email Verification Access: Users will able unlock premium content through a straightforward sign-in process. They enter their email, receive a magic link, and gain instant access to your exclusive content. It’s just email capture made effortless.
    2. Segment-Specific Content Restriction: This feature allows you to manually add users in the dashboard, create segments, and restrict access to certain pages based on the segment you set for that user.
You can choose either of the above option based on your requirements and convert your Notion site into Membership site.
That’s it, Now that your membership site using Notion is up and running, and you can monetize too with this content with several payment options available in the market.

Step 3: Promote and market your Membership site

To ensure your membership site's success, effectively promote it using marketing tools and strategies like content marketing, social media, email marketing, and partnerships.
Create engaging content showcasing site benefits, share on various platforms, and interact with audiences. Consider free trials to attract potential members.


Building a membership site in Notion is exciting and rewarding. With Bullet’s powerful features, you can create a unique membership site. This guide covers key steps from setting up to managing memberships. Continuously engage with members, provide value, and update your site.
Bullet provides flexibility, allowing you to begin by setting up your workspace and gradually constructing your site using features similar to Notion's. This enables you to launch a successful membership site tailored to meet your goals.