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Getting Started

Syncing Content with Bullet

When it comes to syncing content with Bullet, you have two options: Manual publish and Auto publish.

Manual Publish

With manual publishing, you have control over when to publish your content. To manually publish, simply navigate to the respective site in Bullet and click the "Publish" button. This action triggers the publishing process and makes your content publicly available on the Bullet site. Manual publishing allows you to review and make any necessary adjustments before going live, ensuring that you have full control over the timing and frequency of publishing.

Auto Publish

Auto publish is an exclusive feature available for paid customers. It offers two options: Day and Hour. When you select the day option, Bullet automatically calculates the optimal publishing schedule based on the last published date. Similarly, with the hour option, Bullet calculates the next publish time-based on the last published time.
Auto publish simplifies the process by automating the scheduling and publishing of your content, ensuring regular updates without requiring manual intervention. It is a convenient feature for users who want to maintain a consistent publishing schedule without having to manually publish each time.
Choose the publishing method that best suits your needs and consider upgrading to a paid plan if you want to take advantage of the auto publish feature. Bullet provides flexibility and options to help you efficiently sync and publish your content according to your preferences.