Customizing your site

Common CSS Code Snippets

If you're looking to customize your site, you can use CSS code snippets to make changes to your site's design. Here are some common CSS code snippets that you can use:

Change Container Width

:root { --container-width: 100%; } .notion-page{ width:var(--container-width) }

Change Notion Container Width

.notion-page{ --notion-max-width: calc(min(1920px, 98vw)); }

Change Link Color

.notion-link{ color: blue; }
  • Cover resize and repositing

Add Custom CSS

If you want to add your own custom CSS to your site, you can use the following CSS code:
/* Add custom CSS */ .custom { background-color: #007bff; color: #fff; padding: 10px; }
You can use the above code to add your custom CSS to your site. Simply replace .custom with the class name of your choice and add your own CSS properties.