Table view
Table view

Table view

Customizing Notion Blocks

Customize Table View

Discover a wide range of classes tailored for customizing table views and unlock the ability to transform and style table view items to suit your design preferences and enhance the overall user experience.

How to customize Table Hover

Enhance the hover effect on your table cards by customizing their appearance. Add visual flair, transitions, and interactive elements to create an engaging and dynamic gallery view experience.

Explore more features in table view using the given classes


Customize the different elements in the table view on your Bullet site using the provided classes.
Represents a collection element.
Represents the title or header of a collection.
Represents a table element.
Represents the header section of a table, containing column headings.
Represents the body section of a table, containing the table's data rows.
Represents a row within a table, containing cells with data or content.
Represents a cell within a table row, containing data or content.
How to use
  1. Copy the provided CSS code snippet containing the table class into your CSS file or code > CSS(in bullet site dashboard) section.
  1. Add or Modify the table classes according to your desired customization.
  1. Save the code and publish the site.