The best programmatic SEO examples out there

Discover the most effective programmatic SEO strategies with real-world examples. Elevate your website's performance and stand out online.

Feb 2, 2024
The best programmatic SEO examples out there
You know, big-shot websites like Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Airbnb are all about using Programmatic SEO. They create tons of pages that pull in millions of folks through organic search.
Most smaller niche sites haven't caught on to this game. That means there's a sweet opportunity waiting for those who want to use this approach. You can totally go after those low-competition keywords with loads of variations and make it work for you!
So, in this article, we will delve deep into the overview of Programmatic SEO along the best examples out there in web by implementing Programmatic SEO.

What is Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO is all about making a bunch of pages or articles using automation and data collection. The goal of programmatic SEO is to boost your Google ranking to pull in more organic traffic.
The best part about Programmatic SEO is that you can save your ton of time. Instead of sweating over every single page, you can automate the process and launch a whole bunch of pages in just a few days!
If you've got the right team and setup, programmatic SEO can do wonders for boosting your organic visibility. It's like turning on a spotlight to attract and convert those high-intent audiences. So, yeah, if you're into growing your online presence, programmatic SEO might just be your secret weapon!

Why is Programmatic SEO getting more popular?

Programmatic SEO has a specific role in creating tons of landing pages to meet the constant demand for search and online traffic.
In other words, an effective programmatic SEO campaign can increase your website's domain authority, link building, and organic keyword rankings. To accomplish this, developers write code that automatically creates large-scale web pages.
This is how your or any other website can pop up on the SERP seemingly out of nowhere.

Best Examples of Programmatic SEO

Check out this awesome list of examples that highlights the importance of Programmatic SEO. When you're creating content, make sure it's what people are looking for. Don't forget to give your Programmatic SEO pages some love by regularly checking and fixing any duplicate content.
Now, let's see what the standards have to say about it!

1. Nomad List

Nomad List is an awesome site, offers insights on ideal locations for digital nomads. If you're working remotely, Nomad List is like your travel buddy, helping you find the perfect places to live, work, and play. It gives you a clear idea to your convenience.
notion image
Nomad List got many city pages that use fancy programmatic SEO to nail keywords like "Best Places to Live in [Continent]" or "Cost of Living in [City]." It's so cool! The "Cost of Living" page just lays out all the info without any long paragraphs.

2. Zapier

Zapier crafted numerous pages focused on tool integration, like "Google Sheets + [platform] integration." These pages are content-free, featuring dynamically inserted data, showcasing the renowned "Zaps," triggers, and tutorial links.
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3. Booking & TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor consistently dominate Google searches with their numerous custom landing pages, securing top rankings. Whether you're searching for "hotels in [city]," these two sites consistently appear among the top results.
They took the lead on Google by crafting a unique formula, defining head terms, primary and secondary modifiers. Each content piece, like "[The cheapest] in [hotels] [Paris]," became a custom landing page for cities worldwide, helping them secure the top spot in search results.

4. Eater followed in the footsteps of Booking and TripAdvisor, but this time for food, wine, and restaurants.
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They crafted distinctive content by combining lists of cities with various types of cuisine, aiming to land at the forefront of search results and leave visitors (including me) feeling hungry and yearning for dishes like the "most delicious Italian Four-Cheese Pasta."

5. Yelp

Yelp enables consumers to explore, connect, and engage with local businesses of various sizes. Users can browse reliable information, photos, and reviews to make appointments, purchases, request quotes, join waitlists, or reserve services through the platform.
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Yelp strategically used Programmatic SEO and targeted long-tail keywords to attract a whopping 135 million monthly visits. By organizing content into categories like cities, local businesses, and services, Yelp claimed a spot in the top 3 search results, emerging as a major competitor to Google Reviews.

6. has effectively crafted numerous programmatic SEO campaigns, leading to the creation of over 500,000 unique pages. Consequently, the website currently attracts a daily audience of more than 100,000 visitors.
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In addition to securing the top spot for the search term "online video editor" on Google, holds a position within the top three for more than 6000 keywords.
Initially, created programmatic landing pages dedicated to each of its existing features. However, the company later shifted its approach by prioritizing user search queries on Google. This reversal in strategy led to the incorporation of new features based on user demand, and these features are now accessible as independent tools.

7. Failory

Failory serves as a platform catering to startup founders and entrepreneurs. Its content features interviews with founders who have experienced setbacks in their startup ventures, giving insights into their journeys.
The name "Failory" is a combination of "failure" and "story," reflecting its focus on narratives of startup challenges. In addition to these stories of failure, Failory also shares notable achievements through Programmatic SEO.
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8. Campus Arrival

Campus Arrival offers crucial college necessities for students settling into their dorm rooms. Nearly all the items on this list are available to students at any university around the globe.
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Campus Arrival utilizes a systematic approach to create a carefully selected inventory of essential items for college-bound individuals on moving day, aligning with the official recommendations of the respective college.
This strategy not only boosts traffic to their website but also facilitates the moving process for students. Moreover, CampusArrival has ingeniously found a way to generate revenue by integrating with Amazon and capitalizing on its top sale offers. Quite smart, I must say! 🎓

9. Reviewmeta effectively employs programmatic SEO and artificial intelligence to analyze user reviews, distill key insights, and enhance search engine visibility. The platform's strategy includes leveraging user-generated content, ensuring a constant flow of fresh information, and conducting targeted keyword optimization.
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This approach has led to impressive improvements in search engine rankings and organic traffic, highlighting the powerful impact of combining AI and programmatic SEO – a trend expected to gain popularity among businesses.


Bullet, a Notion-based website builder without any code, employs programmatic SEO to create distinctive Notion templates for boosting productivity. This smart strategy not only attracts a substantial amount of traffic but also makes it a breeze for visitors to clone the templates.
notion image
Many users may find the use of MS Excel in programmatic SEO a little intimidating. However, there is a solution available through Notion, allowing you to organize your list by categorizing it in a database. This organization helps you stay ahead in the realm of programmatic SEO.
Bullet has successfully implemented this approach, and you can easily implement and unveil it with Bullet.


So, to sum it up, these websites are rocking programmatic SEO! It's like the superhero of digital marketing—it works wonders for any site. Programmatic SEO works for any website, focusing on keyword research, diverse content creation, and original perspectives.
The digital marketing world is buzzing with Programmatic SEO's evolution, and get the hang with Programmatic SEO tools that lets you market a whopping 1000 pages at once. Enjoy Marketing!