Blog Settings

More settings for your Blog

Navigate to the Bullet dashboard and select 'Blog settings' from the 'Settings' section to customize your blog page.
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Hero Section Embed

You can now have ability to embed any kind of Newsletter Signups, CTAs and more by directly pasting their respective HTML codes into your Hero section.
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Pagination & Infinite scrolling

Pagination option allows you to specify the desired number of blogs to display per page.
By enabling infinite scrolling, you'll seamlessly load up the next batch of blogs as you reach the end of your scroll.

Embed Disqus comment widget or CTA at the end of the post

Users can now embed comment/upvote widgets, newsletter signups, CTAs, and more at the end of the blog post.
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The words mentioned below this feature will remain in static language unless they are changed by the users.

Post footer embed

Adding comment/upvote widgets, newsletter signups, and call-to-action buttons helps users interact, stay informed, and take actions, improving their experience.

Blog post page

Show recent and popular posts to engage visitors and provide valuable content.

Authors page

Displays profiles of the contributor, showcasing their bios and articles.
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