Password Protection

Password Protection for Notion pages

With Bullet, you have the ability to employ the password protection feature, preventing users from accessing designated pages on your website. This feature is ideal for securing internal documentation or safeguarding exclusive content reserved for members on your company or community.

How to secure your website content using a password?

  1. After enabling the "Content Gating & Membership" option in site settings, input your preferred password in the "Website Password" field and then click on "Save”.
  1. Now, navigate to “Pages” in Bullet dashboard and Select the specific page that is need to be locked and click on the “Lock” that is placed on the right corner of the page.
  1. Now, the “Membership Settings” will be opened in the left panel.
  1. Click on the drop down and select “Password Protected” and click on “save”.
  1. Hit on the “Publish” to render on your website

Team Members or Visitors Experience

  1. When a team member or new visitor enters into your web page, they will be presented with a dialog box to enter “Password”
  1. The user needs to enter the respective password to access the website content.
  1. User will have to enter the password again if they visit via different browser or incognito window.