Setting up Sidebar for your site

A vertical menu on the side of a webpage for additional navigation or information.
Bullet user can now enable a native sidebar to their site which will be the advanced level of navigation.
notion image
Follow these simple steps to activate it:
  • Navigate to Sidebar in the Bullet Dashboard.
  • Toggle the switch for "Enable Sidebar" to activate the native sidebar for your site.
  • After you enable this feature, you'll be presented with a list of customizable options to tailor your sidebar:
    • Icon
    • Title
    • Type (URL, page, heading, or dropdown). See the next section for definition.
    • Link (based on the chosen type)
  • Once you've configured the desired options, be sure to click "Add".


There are four types of elements that you can add in the sidebar:
Heading: Used to add headings in the sidebar to categorize a set of links. • Dropdown: Used to show an accordion or dropdown menu and group links in the sidebar. • Page: Used to add a link to one of the pages inside the website. • URL: Used to add an external URL.
You can combine and mix these types to create the desired structure in the sidebar.
That's it! Your native sidebar is now live on your website, providing enhanced navigation for your visitors.
NOTE: Don’t forget to hit “Publish” to see results on your live webpage.