Missing pages in Bullet, Links pointing to #

Missing pages in Bullet, Links pointing to #

You may occasionally encounter an issue where some links are not clickable, often displaying a "#" at the end.

Main Cause:

The page that the link should direct to is missing.

Possible fixes

The pages may be missing for various reasons:
  1. If it’s a database page, the "Publish" property of the page is unchecked. Fix: Make sure the publish property is checked.
  1. Another page with the same path already exists. This may occur due to two circumstances:
    1. The "Path" property or slug that you have entered for the page is already in use. Fix: The Path property should be unique across all your website.
    2. If the path property is left empty, the system will automatically slugify the page title. Similarly, if a same duplicate slug is generated elsewhere on your site for different page, there will be a conflict, and this conflict prevents the page from being generated. Fix: Leaving the path property empty will lead to duplicate pages, thus being skipped.
  1. The page isn't generated because it lacks a title in Notion. A title is required to generate a page. Any untitled page will be skipped by bullet.