Email Verification Access

Email Verification Access

Email verification access enables you to gate content behind an email sign-in process. Users enter their email, receive a magic link, and gain access to your exclusive content. This method is ideal for broadening your audience while keeping content exclusive.

How to require email address to access content?

  1. Make sure you enabled “Content gating & Membership” option under site settings, go to Pages from the Bullet dashboard.
  1. Select the specific parent or child page that is need to be locked and click on the “Lock” that is placed on the right corner of the page.
  1. Now, the “Membership Settings” will be opened in the left panel.
  1. Click on the drop down and select “Signed Up Users” and click on “save”.
  1. Hit on the “Publish” to render on your website

Visitor’s Experience

  1. When a new user’s land on your site, they will be presented with a dialog box to enter “Email address”. If your user is new to your site, their name will be collected additionally.
  1. The user needs to enter Email address and name (for new users) in the provided field.
  1. After entering the Email address, the user will receive a magic link via email.
  1. The magic link allows the user to log into the site and grants permission to access your content.
  1. User will have to login again if they visit via different browser or incognito window.

Manage your Member

You can easily manage your member using the Bullet dashboard:
  1. Navigate to “Members” from the Bullet’s sidebar to view the list of all members who have signed up for your site
  1. You can see the list of members who signed up for your site with date.
  1. You can also add bulk users from csv files and can also change their segment into premium or password protected user.