How to use the knowledge base plugin?

How to use Knowledge Base Plugin

You’ve created your website using Bullet and you want to add a /help page to answer frequently asked questions and update How-To guides, you’re in the right place. Read ahead!
You can simply duplicate a knowledge base template from or create one in your Notion page with the steps below.

Step 1: Create a new subpage

notion image
Click “New” on the top right corner of the existing Notion database and choose “Knowledge base” from the dropdown.
  • Once a new page is formed, add your page title, slug and other meta data.
  • Go into the page and start filling up your Knowledge base.

Step 2: Publish

  • Fill all your categories and sub-categories within your knowledge base
  • Go to Bullet’s dashboard and publish your main website
  • Your knowledge base is published under the mentioned URL, say