How does merge tags work?

What are merge tags?

Merge tags are used to refer and populate data into your website from database. For example, {%description%} will be replaced by the Description property from the database.
With the help of synced blocks from Notion, Merge tags helps you display the data in a dynamic way across multiple pages in your website without the need to manually duplicate and build each one from scratch.

Database content as a website element

Primary objective of liquid syntax is to convert the basic database content into beautiful website pages. You get to design and position content for one single page and refer data from a notion database and generate 100’s of similar pages with unique content.
This is how it works: Database → Liquid syntax → Website
notion image

How to use Merge Tags

To interpolate database properties as merge tags, use the
  • Lowercase name of the database property and replace spaces with underscores _
  • surround it with {% %}
  • enclose it with backquote ` to mark it as an inline code block.


Below are examples of how to use Database properties.
  1. Twitter URL = {% twitter_url %}
  1. Data Description = {% data_description %}
  1. URL = {% url %}
  1. URL = {% url %}

Additional Notion Properties

In addition to database properties, you can also use additional notion’s properties. Those are
  1. {% page_title %}
  1. {% page_cover %}
  1. {% page_icon %}